The differences between metal grinding disc and diamond fickert abrasive in granite polishing

Diamond segmented grinding disc was designed for granite processing on manual radial arm polishing machine. And diamond fickert abrasive is used more on granite automatic polishing lines. With the selling increasing of Chinese granite polishing line machine all over the wold, the metal grinding disc is more and more popular in granite polishing.

Using polishing disc on granite polishing line machine is much less in cost since fickert polishing head is so expensive, especially the motor power of diamond fickert head. That is why grinding and polishing disc is widely accepted by factories around the world day by day.

Most of the stone fabricators have an idea that metal grinding disc does a better job in light color and soft to medium hard granite. As for hard granite, diamond fickert abrasive has better performance when polishing. However, with the development of diamond tools technology, we believe that this problem will be solved soon by increasing the sharpness of diamond metal disc.

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