The application of diamond frankfurt abrasive for calibrating natural marble and artificial marble

There are three important process in stone polishing, calibrating, grinding and polishing. Frankfurt abrasive is widely used for calibrating marble and artificial marble. The polishing heads normally takes 5 to 7 pieces abrasive, while some may take 8 to 9 pieces.

Using magnesite bond frankfurt abrasive is traditional method for calibrating and grinding marble, now it still be used in stone factories. Magnesite bond abrasive is aggressive in calibrating and grinding, but it has short lifespan. People have to stop the machine to replace abrasive frequently which waste time and electricity cost.

In order to solve this problem, people started to develop a new abrasive for marble processing, that is diamond metal bond frankfurt abrasive. There are several segments which are silvered brazed on a frankfurt shape steel base. People tested it on polishing machine and found it with longer working lifespan and good sharpness after several times testing with different formulas, different combination of synthetic diamond and metal powder in different ratio.

With the development of technology, there is a new design of diamond metal bond frankfurt abrasive that is popular among the market. There are two big whole diamond segments with screw bolt impregnated that fixed on the steel base with screws. In this way, the segments is easy to be installed and changed when run out.

If the stone surface is not so sooth or with gaps after cutting, diamond metal bond frankfurt abrasive can be used as first and second steps to remove gaps and make the surface more smooth before using magnesite bond abrasive. In this way, it will save the lifespan of magnesite bond abrasive which will save polishing cost.

When calibrating stone surface with frankfurt abrasive, diamond particle is more aggressive than silicon carbide. It leaves deeper marks or scratches on marble surface than magnesite bond abrasive does. Therefore, it is suggested to use coarser grit of magnesite frankfurt abrasive for calibrating and grinding.

Nowadays, artificial marble is more and more popular all over the work, factories use frankfurt abrasive for artificial marble polishing line. Diamond metal bond frankfurt abrasive is widely used. It has longer lifespan which saves lots of labor and electricity cost for factories.

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